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Aug 04, 2017
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Aug 01, 2017
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Mar 07, 2016
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Arequipa: the white city or the volcanoes city?
Jun 30, 2017 / Destinations
Four majestic and imposing volcanoes embrace this beautiful city of the ...
Lake Titicaca: A wonder touching the sky
May 08, 2017 / Destinations
80 floating islands rest on the lake at more than 3,812 MASL Titicaca is the ...
Learn more about the three most important islands in Lake Titicaca
May 05, 2017 / Destinations
Every corner of Peru is different from each other, from its customs, culture, ...
Moray: Discover the Archeological Complex
May 01, 2017 / Destinations
Architecture in the world has been evolving as the years went by, from new ...
The Sacred Valley of the Incas: A Wonderful Natural Sanctuary
Mar 06, 2017 / Destinations
Main agricultural producer during the Inca Empire If you want a journey full ...
Know Vinicunca, the seven-color mountain of Cusco
Feb 20, 2017 / Destinations
Have you ever imagined seeing a rainbow mountain in the middle of the Andes? ...