Peru Rail | Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to our surroundings and the locations in which we operate, we implement social projects with the communities of Cusco, Arequipa, and Puno. Through our strategic vision, we have established a range of programs aimed at promoting sustainable development in our area of operations, based on the following lines of action. 

  • Corporate Social ResponsibilityPromotion of Identity
  • Corporate Social ResponsibilityEnvironmental Protection
  • Corporate Social ResponsibilityInclusive Business
  • Corporate Social ResponsibilityEducational Initiatives

Promotion of Identity

We carry out a great number of social projects focused on improving living conditions in local communities, aimed at making a significant contribution to the personal, social, environmental, cultural, and economic development of the residents in our area of direct operations.

Additionally, we foster the protection and promotion of indigenous culture, national heritage, and historical monuments.

Environmental Protection

We support and encourage environmental sustainability initiatives in our company and our surroundings. These undertakings include activities in areas such as solid waste management and water resources, energy use, the reduction of our carbon footprint, control measures for pollution and the use of chemical products. We also support the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in our surroundings.

Inclusive Business

Our projects are aimed at capacity building and fostering the productive development of the populations located in our area of operations. Our goal is to create programs that stimulate local economic development and the inclusion of local suppliers in our value chain.

Additionally, we carry out actions aimed at promoting skilled and unskilled jobs for local residents, with a focus on gender equality.

Educational Initiatives

We focus our efforts on generating strategies for the promotion of safety in our area of operations, in keeping with our vision of safety as a priority in our business model.

We work to raise awareness among local residents regarding the importance of avoiding actions that put their lives at risk while in the vicinity of the railway.

Local Train Service

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, PeruRail offers the Local Train service, aimed at offering transport to residents of the communities located along the Cusco railway, whose only form of transportation to the town of Machu Picchu is via train.

This service allows the residents of these communities to carry out their daily social, cultural, economic, and productive activities by traveling between their hometowns and the other locations along the railway. Given the social nature of this program, our company offers this transport service at a special non-commercial, social rate.

As such, this transport option is provided exclusively to these communities, as a social service.